Preview window

The Preview window presents an unobtrusive pop-up notification and information summary when a call is made or received. It also offers call control and additional actions such as open contact data or write to activity log, depending on user, device and integration configuration:

preview window

The Preview window is hidden after 10 seconds by default (this can be changed in Configuration > Interface). Hover the mouse over the UCx Integrator status indicator icon to display the Preview window again.


The Preview window can be re-positioned to snap to any quarter of the screen.

Drag the Preview window by the header and drop into the desired quadrant:

preview window positioning

*Note: The Preview window will snap to a fixed position in one quarter of the screen.

Preview information

The Preview window can display contact name, company name, telephone number and location (if available) along with additional notes, all retrieved from any integrated address book or business CRM integration. Additionally, the Preview window displays the connected device name in use and the duration of the call.

preview window

The Preview window provides both call control action buttons as well as contact or CRM integration action buttons.

Call Control and Actions

The following actions and controls are available from the Preview window when a call is in progress but depending on the device in use and the address book or business CRM integrations available:

answer call icon

deflect call icon



When a call is ringing, you can choose to answer the call by clicking the "Answer" button or deflecting it (transfer it without answering it) to another extension.

hangup call icon

Hang Up End the call. When using Softphone this icon will appear during an incoming call. If pressed the call will be declined.

hold icon

resume call icon

Hold/Resume Pause/Resume the call - the caller will hear hold music if available

consult transfer icon

Consult Place the current call on hold and transfer the call to another extension

transfer call icon

Transfer Blind transfer to another extension without introduction

complete transfer icon

Conference Call another party to join into a conference call with a current connected party

complete transfer icon

Complete Transfer Connect the original call to the transfer destination recipient and disconnect

cancel transfer icon

Cancel Transfer Cancel the call to the transfer recipient and return to the original call

send digits icon

Send Digits Softphone only: send DTMF during connected call

show contact icon

Show Contact Shows the full contact details, obtained from the Netsapiens directory

add contact icon

Add Contact Add the caller to the shared address book or integrated CRM business applications

contact icon

open contact icon

Open/Pop Contact Open the full contact details within an integrated CRM business application. The icon shown will relate to the CRM application (e.g. Google, Salesforce).

add call activity

show call task icon

Create and Show Call Task Creates and opens a call activity (call log) in an integrated CRM business application. The icon shown will relate to the CRM application (e.g. Salesforce, Dynamics) and also the type of entry: Contact, Account or Lead.

Note: The hold button is not utilized for transferring calls.

Answer and Deflect

An incoming call can be answered or deflected, depending on the device type in use.

incoming call options

Click the "Answer" button to connect the incoming call to your preferred device:

answer call icon

Click the "Deflect" button to enter the destination to redirect the call to without answering:

answer call icon

After the Deflect button is clicked, the number entry box appears.

deflect incoming call

Enter the extension or external telephone number to deflect the call to and then click:

confirm button

To deflect the call or to cancel the deflection click:

cancel button

Hold and Hangup

A connected call can be held, transferred or disconnected, depending on the device type in use.

preview window

Click the "Pause" button to place the current connected call on hold:

pause button

(caller hears hold music if enabled in telephone system).

Click the "Play" button to retrieve the held call:

play button

Click the "Hangup" button to end the call and disconnect the other party:

hangup call icon


Calls can be transferred with either a "consult" introduction to the transfer target destination, or "blind" without any introduction.

Blind Transfer

To transfer the call without an introduction, click the "Transfer" button:

transfer call icon

Enter the transfer target telephone number into the dial entry box:

blind transfer

Click the "confirm" button to transfer the call to the target recipient:

confirm button

Or click the cancel button to return to the call without transferring:

cancel button

Consult Transfer

To transfer the call with an introduction, click the "Consult" button:

consult transfer icon

Enter the transfer target telephone number into the dial entry box:

consult transfer

Click the "confirm" button to place the current call on hold and call the target recipient:

confirm button

Or click the cancel button to return to the call without transferring:

cancel button

The Preview window now shows the original call in "HeldXfer" state and a new, overlapping Preview window for the outbound transfer destination. The Preview window header can be clicked to switch the display between the two parties (this does not switch the call between the connected parties, only the display window).

preview window display options

Click the "Complete transfer" button to connect the two parties and disconnect from the call:

complete transfer icon

Or click the "Cancel transfer" button to disconnect the outbound call and return to the original call without transferring:

cancel transfer icon

Conference Calls

During an active call, press the Conference button and then enter the number of the party to include in the conference call:

preview window

Click to confirm the number and start the call.

preview window

When the call is connected, click the Conference button again to add the new party to the conference. A Preview window is displayed for each connected party.

preview window

To remove a party from the call, select the Preview Window heading for the party you wish to disconnect and click the Hangup button to remove that party from the call. Or, to transfer a party from the conference call to another destination, use the transfer process described previously.

Outgoing Calls

The Preview window appears for both inbound and outbound calls.

Initially the call status will be "Dialing".

preview window

The other information and icons displayed will depend on whether the telephone number is already found within any address books or integrated CRM applications and which device is used to make the outgoing call.

Once answered and "Connected", the Preview window will offer call handling buttons, dependent on the device used to make the outgoing call.

preview window

Note: The outgoing call process will vary with the preferred device type selected – a "dialback" may need to be answered first by the selected device before the outgoing call is made.

Show Contact

show contact icon

"Show Contact" will open the contact within the integrated CRM application or address book.

If the contact is found in the telephone system directory, a UCx Integrator Cara window is displayed with action buttons:

directory contact window

Dial the selected telephone number:

dialing icon

If the contact is found in the user's Personal directory, the option to Edit/Save or Delete is also presented.

Add Contact

add contact icon

When the call Preview Window displays a call that is not yet found in any integrated address book (or is found in some but not all integrated address books) the Add Contact icon is displayed. This offers a quick method to insert the contact details into multiple locations.

Entry not found in any address book:

add contact window type

Entry found in all address books except PPL:

add contact window type

Select which integrated address book "Type" to add the contact into and either "Save" or "Save and Edit" to also open the contact within the selected address book. The stored details are then used to add to the next selected address book "Type" to quickly duplicate the contact record into multiple locations.

Multiple Calls

When multiple parties or calls are in progress, the Preview Window will "stack" each call with the currently active call initially at the front:

multiple incoming call display

Clicking on the window header will bring an inactive Preview window to the front and into view:

multiple call inactive Preview window

Note: Selecting another Preview window does not affect the connected call status.

Missed Calls Notification

If a call is presented but the caller abandons before being answered, the Missed Call notification window is displayed and remains on screen until acknowledged or actioned.

missed call notification window

Close Window

Select "x" to close the Preview window:

close preview window

Note: Closing the Preview window does not end the call

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