Call settings

Call settings provides an alternate way to configure certain user settings. It is an alternative to using the portal provided by the service provider.

The Call settings page consists of multiple tabs, each one with its own set of options. Click on a tab to see the options. Users with smaller screens can click on the arrow buttons to see tabs which do not fit.

Note:Call Settings is not available with all versions of the software and the tabs shown will be dependant upon the version of UCx Integrator Client and the user's assigned services.

Call settings tabs

Call forwarding

Call settings Call forwarding tab

Use this tab to set the call forwarding options on your phone.


Call settings Anywhere tab

This tab will allow you to configure the Anywhere service.

Outgoing As

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Remote office

Call settings Remote office tab

This tab will allow you to configure the Remote Office service.

DND/Hide number

Call settings DND/Hide number tab

This tab will allow you to configure the DND and Hide Number services.


Call settings Password tab

Allows you to change your UCx password.

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